Not such great heights

The UK is undergoing a much-needed construction boom.

Rising property prices in London, for example, have prompted developers to invest in new high-rise apartment and office blocks. According to the Financial Times, over 400 towers of 20 storeys and up are currently being planned – with more still to come.

Meanwhile, both homeowners and buy-to-let landlords are adding new bedrooms in the lofts and attics of their homes, confident that the extra revenue raised through rent will far outweigh the development costs.

All this means that there’s more scaffolding across the country than we have seen in many years.

But as with all forms of working at height, scaffolding comes with risks. Even today, working at height is perilous. It is well known that work at height is the single biggest cause of serious injury and death in the construction industry, itself one of the most dangerous if safety protocols are not taken seriously. That’s why we carefully select partner brokers who understand how important this is for their clients.

Ultimately, the law requires all employers to evaluate the risk of working at height and to create a plan to ensure that the work is carried out safely.

At Corin, we work closely with our brokers to make sure their clients have the right level of cover and risk management advice for their business’s needs and access to risk management advice when they need it.