Keeping it simple

At Corin, we’re not trying to trip anyone up in the construction market: for us it’s all about making it as easy to place big risks as it is to place small ones.

We have a very good broker base, many of whom we have been working alongside for several years. As such, we have a tried and tested relationship with them and can rely on their experience and expertise – regional brokers who are comfortable with our business and who in turn we feel comfortable with.

For our brokers, we offer a web-based platform which we’ve spent a long time developing, which offers an excellent approach to risk selection. It works using a set of trigger points: in essence, as the risk develops so the question set becomes more complex.

The feedback from our brokers has been very positive – it’s a unique, yet tried-and-tested platform they feel comfortable with.

It’s a data capture system which enables us to harness information from end to end, helping with the development of a risk. Once the data is in the system it can be revisited and revised with relative ease.

So if you’ve dealt with us before but haven’t yet been in touch, now’s the perfect time to do so – and benefit from our user-friendly broker platform.